Thursday, May 24, 2007

I Heart Mail.

Gimme Your Stuff


I am a university student from Michigan. I thrive on unusual books, knits and receiving post from all over the world. Who doesn't love finding a parcel from some far off place on their doorstep? I am a histroy major with a deep love of anthropology. Which is the reason I'm on this site. I would like little slices of cultures alien (or not so alien) to mine.

I am a college student and therefore poor. The packages I send may not always be huge due to shipping prices.

I'm currently training for a marathon and very much in control of my diet. So no food-stuffs please. Though I would be very happy to send you snacks from my area!

I can send:

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Photographs
  • Craft goodies
  • Clothes
  • Snacks
  • Trinkets
  • Items unique to my area
  • I will take requests for things!
  • Crazy japanese things.

Here are some ideas for me:

  • CLOTHES! (USA: small to medium shirts, Medium pants/bottoms)
  • T-shirts especially! (USA: small to medium)
  • Kitschy things
  • Vintage anything!
  • Things unique to your location
  • Shoes (USA: womens 9-10)
  • Unusual and/or rare books
  • Art
  • Photographs
  • Blank journals (or full journals)
  • Yarn
  • Hair accessories
  • Pens
  • Strange trinkets
  • Bags/purses/satchels
  • Interesting jewelry
  • Umbrellas

    Looking forward to swapping with you!



adilin ismail said...

hey (: i'm adilin, 18 from Singapore! i would love to swap with you. drop me an email if you're interested alright. thanks!

Adilin (:

Cori and JV said...

Hello! We are a couple from the Philippines and we very much like to swap with you. Check our profile at If there is any chance that you are interested, just keep us posted. You can also e-mail us at Thanks :)

chihua said...

oh my, u're so similar to me (: i'm also training for a marathon now, but i'm waiting for university term to start. anyway, i am actually interested in going to michigan for uni education! :D oh, i'm an 18 female from singapore. hmm..i dont mind interesting food stuff, clothes!, baking stuffs or pretty bags and jewelry :D and i definitely can send you nice magazines and newspapers, snacks, trinkets and items unidue to singapore! mail be at :D

Gen Dalio said...

Hi! I'm Gen and I'm from Michigan but in New Orleans since 2003. I know it isn't quite international but I'm kinda missing MI right now and we do have lots of historic whatnots here... so maybe you want to swap?
Let me know at generalgen atgmaildotcom